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Benefits of Using Wayfinding Pro™

Wayfinding Pro will save you time and money. Indoor wayfinding is expected to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry by 2016. Now is the time to be a part of the future.

With Wayfinding Pro you can:

  • Provide new content to your company or customers
  • Standardize on a single platform for Web, Mobile, Kiosk/Digital Signage applications
  • Develop and maintain Floor Plans at a very low cost and with no programming
  • Provide affordable wayfinding solutions to your company or customers

Key Features

Wayfinding Pro provides many features that enable you to customize an application to suit virtually any application. A few of these include:

  • Multi-floorMulti-floor
  • Display URLsDisplay URLs
  • Display couponsDisplay coupons
  • Integrate with indoor photoIntegrate with indoor photo
  • ADA compliant routingADA compliant routing
  • Create preferred pathsCreate preferred paths
  • Multi-user (development)Multi-user (development)
  • Manage multiple projectsManage multiple projects

Wayfinding Pro™ is a Turn-Key Solution

Wayfinding Pro’s Software Development Kit (SDK) provides you all of the tools you need to build your own wayfinding application.

Web Application:Wayfinding Pro’s responsive web application is a widget application that can be installed on any website in less than one hour. You can have a professional looking web application with virtually no programming necessary.

Kiosk/Digital Signage Application:Wayfinding Pro’s kiosk/digital signage application will auto-size to fit your screen and can be used in either landscape or portrait mode, depending upon which direction you want to orient your screen. This application can be downloaded and installed in minutes with no programming expertise. You can customize the application in minutes with your own logo and messaging.

Custom Applications:Do you want to build your own wayfinding application or integrate into an existing program? The Wayfinding Pro APIs are designed so that any programmer can custom tailor a wayfinding application to your specific needs.

Customizing Wayfinding Applications


With Wayfindng Pro you can build your own custom wayfinding applications.

  • Simple APIs integrate into your existing content
  • Multi-platform Access: .Net, PHP, Javascript
  • Utilizes SOAP
  • PC Plotter is easy to use – no programming required
  • Manage multiple projects

Already Have a Wayfinding System?

  • Wayfinding Pro can be integrated into any existing system
  • It will reduce your cost of maintenance
  • It provides you the control to update your floor plans

Get Started With SDK

(Software Development Kit)

Whether you are a programmer or not, with Wayfinding Pro you can build your own professional wayfinding system. Our SDK will show you how to:

  • Create an account
  • Create your floor plan
  • Create a desktop or mobile web application
  • Download and install a kiosk/digital signage application

In a very short time you will have your wayfinding application up and running.

Are you a programmer? The Wayfinding Pro SDK will show you how to create your own custom application.

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