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You can try Wayfinding Pro for FREE. No credit card is required. Simply register and begin using it. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) explains all the details.

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A Trial Account has all of the features of a Full Access Account except you can create as many projects as you want during your free trial period. Your Trial Account lasts fourteen (14) days from the date that you register. It is automatically converted into a Limited Access Account after the fourteen (14) day trial period expires.

Limited Access Account (Free)

A Limited Access Account enables users to work on projects shared by other users at no charge. Limited Users cannot create their own projects.

Full Access Account (Charges Applied)

A Full Access Account utilizes all of the features of Wayfinding Pro with unlimited use of the APIs. Each project requires an individual user license.

Please see Terms & Conditions for a full explanation of terms of use.

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Get Started With SDK

(Software Development Kit)

Whether you are a programmer or not, with Wayfinding Pro you can build your own professional wayfinding system. Our SDK will show you how to:

  • Create an account
  • Create your floor plan
  • Create a desktop or mobile web application
  • Download and install a kiosk/digital signage application

In a very short time you will have your wayfinding application up and running.

Are you a programmer? The Wayfinding Pro SDK will show you how to create your own custom application.

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