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What is digital wayfinding?

Digital wayfinding typically is referring to indoor navigational systems similar to what you might find with your GPS, Google Maps, Mapquest, etc. Indoor digital wayfinding is one of the fastest growing industries today as companies are trying to cut costs while providing their customers a better service experience, providing users with a self-serve navigation system to which they are already accustomed.

How is indoor digital wayfinding different from Google Maps, Mapquest or other mapping systems?

Google Maps, Mapquest and GPS systems provide step by step directions from one address to another. They do not provide directions inside a building. Indoor directions rely upon the building occupant providing the floor plan. While your GPS takes you to the door, indoor digital wayfinding gets you to the room or point of interest.

What exactly is Wayfinding Pro?

Wayfinding Pro is an easy to use tool for building a digital wayfinding system. Wayfinding Pro’s Solution Development Kit provides an “end to end” solution for creating, building and maintaining your wayfinding solution. Wayfinding Pro consists of the following components:

  • Plotter – Used to define the aisles, locations, stairs, elevators and other key information about your floor layout.
  • Administrative Web Portal – Used to manage your project.
  • Kiosk, web and mobile web applications – Used as the user interface for your customers to access your wayfinding system.

API’s – Use for building your own custom application.

Why would I want to have a wayfinding system?

Indoor digital wayfinding is replacing static maps like Google Maps and GPS systems replaced the maps in your car’s glove compartment. Providing your visitors with an indoor digital wayfinding can save you money by providing self service directions as well as improve customer service as society depends upon technology for finding their way. Eventually, all buildings will provide a wayfinding system — the question is whether today is the right time for you.

Can I build a mobile wayfinding system with Wayfinding Pro?

Yes. Wayfinding Pro’s web and mobile web application is a responsive web iframe that automatically resizes based on whether the user is using a PC or mobile device. It is easy to create and quick to deploy.

Can I integrate my wayfinding system into my other systems such as customer relationship management systems?

Yes. Wayfinding Pro’s Application Program Interfaces (API’s) provide the tools for any program to build their own customer application. You can integrate photographs, URL’s, even coupons into your wayfinding system.


What happens when my fifteen day trial expires?

When yourfifteen (15) day trial expires and if you have not purchased a license, your account type is automatically changed from a trial account to a limited use account.

What are the different types of accounts?

There are three types of accounts as described below. Two are free, one requires payment.

  • Trial Account(Free): A Trial Account has all of the features of a Full Access Account except that a project cannot be transferred to a Trial Account. Your Trial Account lastsfifteen (15) days from the date that you register. It is automatically converted into a Limited Access Account after the fifteen (15) day trial period expires.
  • Limited Access Account (Free): A Limited Access Account enables users to work on projects shared by other users at no charge. Limited Users cannot create their own projects.
  • Full Access Account (Charges Applied): A Full Access Account may utilize all of the features of Wayfinding Prowith unlimited use of the APIs. Projects may only be transferred to a full access account.
Can I transfer my projects to another user?

Yes. However, projects may only be transferred to a user that has a Full Access Account. Projects may not be transferred to a Trial or Limited Access Account.

How it works

How does Wayfinding Pro work?

Wayfinding Pro is an interactive wayfinding tool that enables you to design, build and develop your own wayfinding or navigational project. The system consists of three components:

  • Plotter:This downloadable software package installs on any PC, and is used to build the coordinate systems and identify the locations and the accompanying text in the wayfinding system. This package is designed for ease of use by a non-programmer / developer.
  • Administrative Web Portal:This portal allows the owner (the person paying for the project) to manage the project and associated maps. From this portal, the project owner may authorize users, limit the number of authorized maps and activate or inactivate maps.
  • Application: The application, whether a kiosk, web page or mobile application is how your user will interact with you wayfinding system. Wayfinding Pro provides a free kiosk application and web and mobile web application. Moreover, with Wayfinding Pro’s APIs an application programmer/ developer can customize any wayfinding application to make it your own. Visit the Wayfinding Pro Solution Development Kit (SDK) at
Is Wayfinding Pro a tool only for developers?

No and yes. Wayfinding Pro was designed for both the programmer and non-programmer. With Wayfinding Pro’s Solution Development Kit (SDK), which may be found at, a non-programmer can create, build and deploy their own wayfinding project. However, depending upon your skill set and how your website was built, it may be necessary for the non-programmer to get some minimal assistance from a web developer to create the basic web template and link it to your home page. This typically takes less than one hour and can be seen in the video in the SDK.

For programmers, you can use the Wayfinding Pro API’s to make your application completely your own. Documentation on the API’s may be found in the SDK.

Once a wayfinding system is built, no programming is need to maintain the floor plans. This information is updated using the Plotter quickly and easily.

Can I brand my own wayfinding system using Wayfinding Pro?

Yes! On both the kiosk and web applications you can place your logo and messaging to create your own wayfinding system.

Can Wayfinding Pro handle multiple languages?

Yes and No. Each wayfinding system may be built in the native language desired. However, currently, Wayfinding Pro is designed to provide text directions only in English. Multi-lingual capabilities to allow text directions to be custom entered in the desired language or to use a standard translator is in development.

What features does Wayfinding Pro have?

Wayfinding Pro was developed by experts in the wayfinding industry to enable them to efficiently build wayfinding systems for their own clients. It is full featured with the ability to plot directions, set destinations, mark points of interest using Wayfinding Pro’s complete library of icons, link elevators and stairs, plot outdoor as well as indoor locations, set destination information, draw paths and upload building pictures.

Does Wayfinding Pro allow you to define ADA compliant wayfinding?

Yes. Wayfinding Pro allows you to define wheelchair accessible restrooms, elevators, etc. to allow users to select directions that are handicap accessible. Wayfinding Pro automatically calculates the most efficient directions.

When using Wayfinding Pro, what design and development am I responsible for?

Wayfinding Pro is a complete “end to end” wayfinding solution. However, you have to enter the information about your particular floor plans. You must supply the individual floor maps in image formats and define all of the aisles, locations, etc. using the Wayfinding Pro Plotter. One designed, creating the application is easy using Wayfinding Pro’s Solution Development Kit (SDK) located at

What platforms can be used to build a wayfinding system using Wayfinding Pro?

You can build applications for virtually any platform including kiosks, the web or mobile applications. However, the free Wayfinding Pro kiosk application and plotter only run on Windows PCs.

Can you print maps from a wayfinding application?

Yes. You can build a wayfinding application that prints turn by turn directions along with a detailed map.

Can Wayfinding Pro be used to map an entire campus?

Not yet. Each building is a separate project, and currently there is no way to link separate buildings together within the Plotter. By utilizing the description or other fields, it may be possible to link the buildings within your completed project.

The abilityto define an entire campus, including buildings within the campus, and floors within each building, is in development.

What is the difference between My Projects and Assigned Projects?

In the Back Office Manager / Plotter, projects are listed into two categories. My Projects are projects you have created and own. Assigned projects are owned by someone else, but you have been invited to build and maintain them.

Managing Projects

I accidently deleted a project or map. Can I retrieve it?

Yes. All deleted project or maps are moved into your Trash folder. By signing onto the web portal, you can move the deleted projects or maps from your trash folder to your active or inactive folders. However, the Trash folder is emptied every seven (7) days, so be sure to retrieve it immediately.

I moved a project/map to Trash, and the Trash folder was emptied. Can I retrieve it?

Yes. However, this is a manual process and you have to contact Wayfinding Pro support to retrieve it. There is a fee for this service.

Can I have multiple designers working on a project?

Yes. From your user account in the web portal, you can invite users to work on specific projects. Any user can accept an invitation to work on a project. Users DO NOT have to have a valid card entered to accept the invitation. You can un-invite or delete users as well, all from your web portal.

I developed this project for a customer. Can I transfer the financial responsibility to that customer?

Yes. First, your customer has to be registered as a full access user. Then from your web portal you can transfer a project to another user. In order to accomplish this transfer, the user receiving the project must have a valid user account with a valid credit card on file. To initiate a transfer, you must request the transfer and the new owner must accept the transfer within 48 hours.

What is the difference between active, inactive and trash status?

Only projects or maps in active status can be used in building a wayfinding system. Projects or maps in inactive status or in the trash will not work with the API’s used to display the wayfinding directions. Inactive projects or maps may remain in this status for an indefinite period of time. Any projects or maps in the trash folder will be purged within seven (7) calendar days.


What is an iframe?

An iframe is a HTML programming element that provides a window to a different document. Wayfinding Pro uses this technology to allow you to use your standard web page design with a window to the wayfinding application. It provides a quick and easy way for you to customize your web and mobile web application with your branding.

Are the kiosk/digital signage application and iframe free to use?

Yes. Wayfinding Pro charges based on the projects you create, not by the applications that use the project or the number of locations where you use it. As long as you are using these applications in conjunction with a Wayfinding Pro project, there is no charge for the license to use these applications.

Can I customize the kiosk/digital signage and iframe applications with my own logo?

Yes. Each application can be customized with your logo and messaging. The Solution Development Kit (SDK) provides you instructions on how to customize your application

How would I use the kiosk/digital signage application?

Kiosk/digital signage applications are typically used in conjunction with digital signage in lobbies, near elevators and other strategic locations throughout your building. They provide users without a mobile device a convenient way to obtain directions around your building.

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Whether you are a programmer or not, with Wayfinding Pro you can build your own professional wayfinding system. Our SDK will show you how to:

  • Create an account
  • Create your floor plan
  • Create a desktop or mobile web application
  • Download and install a kiosk/digital signage application

In a very short time you will have your wayfinding application up and running.

Are you a programmer? The Wayfinding Pro SDK will show you how to create your own custom application.

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